Etsy ~ Have you heard of it yet?


How many of you have heard about

Etsy is a fabulous new website that is for crafty people and lovers of everything vintage.  It is like eBay but with more of a community feel. I started using Etsy at the beginning of this year. I’m quite amazed at all the opportunities it provides, especially the community feeling that they like to cultivate.

As mentioned in earlier posts, Etsy is for selling vintage, handmade or craft goods.  Vintage goods have to be at least 20 years old.  Handmade goods have to be made by you or someone in a coop with you.  And craft supplies will be just about anything!  It’s a great way to sell items that are hit and miss on eBay.  I’ve made a few sales so far and am hopeful they will keep coming!

Listing fees are only 20 cents per item and you get longer exposure than eBay, a couple of months instead of 7 days.  This also means you can start your item at any price!  Etsy will take a percentage of your commission but the low listing fees mean that putting a lot of volume up is cheaper than Ebay.

My favorite part of Etsy so far is their new feature, the treasury.  In this section people can create a theme and showcase items from other people’s shops.  This helps get the other seller exposure and people will come to your shop just to see who made such a cool list!  You may get a sale out of it as well as the other sellers you are showcasing! It’s a win-win plus a great way to promote the community.

Another cool thing is that you have circles, which are like Facebook friends, where you see all their activity and what they have shopped for. People can favorite your items or your shop so they get updated when you list new stuff!  It’s really a cool idea.  Artists needed a way to get their goods to market and Etsy does all that plus more.

If you haven’t checked out Etsy or if you want to learn more check out my shop here:

Come shop the Etsy way!  You’ll be amazed what you find…


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