Garage Sale Mania ~ How to do your best!

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It’s spring!

We all know that means clearing out and de-cluttering.

I’ve sold a lot on Ebay the past few months but nothing beats a good old garage sale.  We had one this past Saturday so I decided to take notes and share with you beautiful people all that I learned.

It was such a blast!

Tip #1

Start higher than the lowest you will accept for something! 

People are almost always going to bargain with you. They almost never want to pay the asking price so starting 1/3 to 1/2 higher than the price you want is usually a great tactic. This doesn’t work so well on larger items though.  If you have a bike, dryer, furniture, etc you will want to start the prices closer to what you expect to get.  Pricing is tricky but after one garage sale you’ll be able to see what type of buyers are in your neighborhood. It will vary by city and community.

Tip #2

Bargain, and bargain well

People are going to want a deal, they are going to want a steal in fact.  You must be prepared to bargain if you plan on selling anything.  The best part about bargaining is, once they see you are negotiable on price buyers will typically start buying more. I had one shopper this weekend who bought everything in pieces, a dollar here and two dollars there. She loved all the deals she was getting that she couldn’t leave!  I felt great with all she took home and she was happy about all the deals she made.  It’s a win-win!

Tip #3

Prepare to give something away

You started this garage sale to make money, but also to de-clutter right?!? Let’s face it, not everything is going to sell. But with the right mindset giving things away feels amazing.  My favorite thing to do is to see a child that loves all the stuffed animals but his parents can’t spend money on. I had one this weekend and I gave him a choice of 3 different ones, he could have one. It felt so great seeing the joy in his face and I got to find a new home for something I’ll never use again.  Giving feels amazing….try it at your sale.  At the least, put items out for free or call a donation truck after you’re done.  Unloading all that junk clears your mind and fills your heart.

Tip #4

Be patient

To make any money at a garage sale, you must be patient.  Don’t hound the buyers, let them browse and take their time. Don’t get upset if sales are too slow or far between.  Every day is going to be different as will each sale.  We were open for 6 hours for our sale, I had planned on 4 but when the buyers kept coming it made perfect sense to be open until they stopped.  You will have people after noon and they will buy.   Patience is the best asset to have when trying your own garage sale.

I think that’s all I have for today. Don’t forget to read my article about craigslist. After pulling out stuff for a garage sale you may find some things sell better on craigslist.

Hope this works for you & your sale is a big hit!

It’s a great way to meet neighbors too!

Good luck!


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