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Resale Heaven


There is a place that we all want to visit ~ where prices are cheap and there is no limit

There is a land for us all ~ value is priced fairly and you never have to make a call

Many say eBay, others write etsy and for some the amazon giant if you may

Resale is this magical land that I refer to ~ it’s a place of magic, of wonder and new

You’ll be amazed by the things you find, by the value that items have after they are left behind

Won’t you join me in the crusade to recycle our earth? Can you try, if just once, to wear something that hasn’t just been birthed?

Open your heart to resale, cut out the retail


The glory of resale ~ how it helps us


Ever since I was young, my parents instilled a respect of all things pre-owned.  We lived on garage sales, thrift stores and hand-me-downs.  Though I wasn’t too happy about this when I was young, I am very appreciative now.  I have a good understanding of used items and the potential value that they hold.

Resale is not only fun, it helps our communities and encourages recycling of goods.  I am proud to say that my business is both community oriented and environmentally conscious. Not to mention in line with my personal goals of living “green”.

My products have no packaging other than the tissue paper wrapped around them.   The tissue and paper mailers I use are both recyclable.  There usually is no waste since all items can easily be donated or sold in bulk without losing a significant profit due to their low-cost already.  There is no need for a warehouse since inventory is revolving and never held more than a few months.

In addition to the benefits for the world, resale helps people find joy in someone else’s junk (we all know the old saying).  Items made over 20 years ago tend to be of higher manufacturing quality which provides them with a longer life.  There is no need for people to be purchasing new items every year just so they have something new.  Much of what we need/want has already been created for us.  We just need to change our mindset on needing something that is new as opposed to “new to you”.  In fact, some of those items are better for us than the new items in that they carry positive emotion from the previous owner who loved it.

Say yes to resale!

  • It encourages recycling and reuse.
  • It cuts down on waste in manufacturing activities as well as packaging.
  • You wouldn’t believe the positive emotion you can receive from an item that has traveled the years.

My dream, is for a country of ebayers.  We don’t need as many retail stores as we now have, they are polluting our beautiful nation and minds.

Simplify, buy pre-owned!