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So far so good….


Well, it’s been 4 months since I quit my job to do online sales full-time.  I have to say, I’m liking it a lot!  Even with the hard parts this feels so right.   I love the personal freedom and space that I have gained.  It’s also made focusing on school a lot easier.  I will say though, I don’t think it could have been this easy without 6 years of Ebay experience before jumping in.  That experience has meant so much in making my business a success ~ being profitable for the first 4 months of business isn’t bad right!?!?

I think that if you have a dream you want to work on, you should put everything you have into it now!  Don’t wait until you have “the time” to work on it. Find the time, make the time. There are other things in your life that are so much less important than following what your true purpose is.  First, you have to stop flying around this world so much.  You don’t have to do it all, you don’t have to be it all.  What you do need is to know what you want ~ what your purpose is.  Meditation, self growth books and yoga are great ways to quiet the world and focus inside yourself.

One of the most beneficial things I’ve found to help me was to take TV out of my life. We still Netflix but having cable TV gone has made things so much simpler. There is a lot more time in a day!  TV had been such a fixture in my life that I never thought I’d be able to remove it.  Now that I have, it’s amazing the things I can do in a day.  Getting up early is also a great way to find more tim

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e in the day, of course that means going to sleep early too!

Find something that is wasting time in your life today ~ remove it and replace it with what you always wanted to do.  If you want to read more, exercise more, work on a skill or craft….those are the things you need to focus on.  Your mind is incredibly attuned to your life purpose.  Listen to it and take the distractions out of your life.

I wish everyone could feel the enjoyment I have of working at home or just simply doing what they love. We were born to be free creatures loving, sharing the wonders of this amazing world.