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Why you should be on Ebay and Etsy….right now!

Image representing Etsy as depicted in CrunchBase

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With all this recession talk, it’s pretty normal to want to close up your wallets and tighten up finances. All the news talks about is how people aren’t spending.  To me, I think that the best way we can stimulate the economy is to help each other out.  We need to simplify while still fulfilling our desires to have more.

Ebay and Etsy allow us to do that.  They provide venues for people to be their own bosses, removing some of the constraints of not knowing how secure you really are in that job.  Online stores are a lot of work, but they also provide you with the tools to see what you can do well, what you are knowledgeable about and best of all, how you can help other people.

One great thing about my work is that I get to provide a really cool item to someone, usually at a much lower price than retail, and then I get to see how happy it makes them.  Many times buyers will write saying how pleased they are, how they didn’t think they could get such a fabulous item for such a low price.  Sometimes they just write to say thanks for being so nice.  It’s those moments that make online stores worth it.  Yes, you get some crabby people (maybe they are having a bad day/week/life) but even those are too insignificant to take away from the joy the happy people who buy from me receive.

The other great benefit is that once we help each other make money we enable each other to spend that money.  When a seller has a great month, do you think they are tightening up finances?!?  Nope!  We spoil ourselves!  We go shopping, we eat out more and we enjoy our lives because we can do so much more! (let’s face it, fun costs money most of the time).

I worked for 6 years full time and did Ebay part time, opening my Etsy shop this January.  I think if you put the right amount of time into your work, not pushing too much, that you too can feel more freedom by having an online shop.  If you are crafty or know vintage well, check out Etsy where fees are significantly lower than Ebay.  If you have a lot of pricy electronices, jewelry, clothes – go see if Ebay is a good fit for you. Both venues have a very active marketplace.  If you don’t want to deal with the hassle, I bet finding a local ebayer to sell your stuff for you isn’t too hard either (wink, wink).

Online stores are amazing.  They show you every side of business.  You’ll learn a lot and make some mistakes but they are so worth it.  You have no idea the personal and professional growth that online stores help you accomplish….the only thing you have to do is remember your goal.  Not the money! No, no, no.  Helping one another out. It’s ok if you have to appease a mean buyer by issuing a refund or if you get a little frustrated when you can’t communicate your point of view to someone over email.  Those times will be few and far between once you have sold for a small time.   Believe me, I’ve dealt with the worst….buyers do get a little crazy sometimes.

Step out of your box ~ Go on ~ Open that online store!