Monthly Archives: March 2012

Hooray! Another Milestone


I can’t help but share that my Ebay store has now reached Top Rated Seller status! I’ve worked really hard all year trying to bring my numbers up to meet the standards.  It’s been hard since they have been so difficult to meet and almost unrealistic.  Two unhappy buyers out of over 1000 was keeping me out of this level. Ebay decided to make the standards a little more realistic and now I’m a Top Rated Seller on Ebay!

Thank you to all our wonderful customers that keep the shop going. It’s been over a year and business is thriving! Thank you to all my friends that brought me consignment to sell! Thank you to everyone that has believed in me! 2012 will be even better than 2011!

Keep your spirits high people – amazing things will happen when you do!


One Year Later


It’s been one year since I quit my job to work for myself! I’m so excited that I’ve had a very successful year even with a difficult economy and slow sales as challenges I faced.

If you want to work for yourself, do it today!  All it takes is extreme drive, motivation and a will to succeed. You’re going to have nights where you work until 3am and weeks without a day off, but I’ll tell you that it’s worth all the struggle for the feeling of being your own boss.  I’m still figuring out the kinks of having a small business, by no means do I know it all.  But, if you start now you can do anything you want to do.

When I started my business I thought it would be what I’d do full-time.  I worked on it for 6 years while working a full-time job and going to school.  Those 6 years paid off giving me skills that have helped me come this far.  If you put in a little effort to your dream everyday, you’ll be surprised how quickly the dream will arrive.

Another important thing to always consider is keeping faith about your goals. Don’t ever doubt yourself or think you can’t do it.  Always imagine yourself as already successful, having everything you could ever want. Those things will quickly follow if you put forth the action of being thankful for them ahead of time.

I hope that everyone in our country is able to do as I have for the last year.  Working for myself has allowed me to find myself again, to be happier and healthier. It’s strengthened my relationships with my fiancé, family and friends.  And most of all….it’s given me confidence that I really can do anything I set my mind to.