SCAM ALERT : Angela Scott aka AngelaMaeDesign aka MichaelAngela


Have you been a victim of this seller on Etsy?  They were selling custom made bridal outfits and have recently had their shop closed.  Many brides were a victim of this scam. The seller sold beautiful custom clothing sets that could be custom embroidered with your new name or other bridal information.   They were beautiful and all over pintrest. I unfortunately got sucked into this seller’s scam like others.

When their shop was open it stated that orders could take up to 8 weeks to complete.  If you have a problem with a paypal transaction you must file a case within 45 days, so guess what, once those 8 weeks are up and you still don’t have your item…you’ve also lost your right to get a refund through paypal’s dispute resolution. This is the scam that this seller relies on. They also target brides knowing we are more sensitive and willing to wait for something so beautiful.

I know many people might have been a victim so I wanted to share where to file a police report if you have been victimized by this person.

Please contact the Starbuck police department in Minnesota at

They are extremely helpful and will help you proceed with prosecuting this seller for theft. They say they are aware of the seller so I think this may have been going on for some time. Don’t delay, send in your report now.  This person needs to be prosecuted and we can make that happen.  I’d post more personal information but feel it isn’t appropriate.  If you go to your order page you can still link to the sellers feedback where other buyers are posting helpful information such as the seller’s phone number.

Good luck and please let me know if you need any help or information.   I hope this stops others from buying from any seller under these aliases as they are likely the same person.

UPDATE 11/9/2012 – Angela Mae is back to her old tricks. She has a new shop under the name ScandinavianBleu. It has now been shut down by Etsy.

UPDATE 7/29/13 – Another resurface. She’s now going by HeLovesMae.  New shop is located here under name HeLovesMae:


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  1. Thank you. I am writing an email write now. I’m so glad I stumbled onto this page. I just can’t figure out how to get this information onto Etsy for the other women going through this.

    • I’m glad I could help! Hopefully if enough people file cases this person will be put in jail for some time. Let me know how your case goes and I’ll keep everyone updated on mine.

  2. I googled this because This happened to me too, the problem is that when I try to find the reviews to find the # I can not. So I don’t know what information to give the police. I’m out in Los Angeles, do you think I could still file a report?

    • When I emailed the police they told me the information they needed. The Etsy transaction number and link would be the most helpful in my opinion and should still be visible under the purchases link in your Etsy page. I’m sure you could file a report, especially if you were unable to get your money refunded. Definitely contact them via the email address I posed on my page. I hope that helps & let me know if you need any help!

  3. I knew something was up!!!! I was so excited to get my outfit 😦 atleast I didn’t order the more expensive one… This really sucks!!!! Thank you for posting this!!!!

    • I know, this person did a great job suckering everyone into buying their merchandise. I hope everyone gets their money back. Please file a paypal dispute too if you haven’t already. I’ve read that even if it’s past the 45 day period if you call and talk to them they may help you open a case, especially if a seller has a track record like this one. Good luck!

  4. So I contacted pay pal and of corse my 45 days were up and they couldn’t help me, but recommended I call my credit card co. They were more than helpful and are refunding my card for the whole purchase ~ so relieved, I will be e-mailing the police dept. and filing a complaint against this company… I can’t believe I trusted her when she told me she had a family tragedy…. Ugh so frustrating!!!!!!

    • That is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your story so others know they can go through their credit card if they used one. I hope everyone gets their money back. It’s really unfortunate what people had to go thru and the lies she told us all.

  5. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I would be left out in the cold when I didn’t get my order and she had closed her shop. It’s horrible to think how many people she has truly scammed but so great to know there is an investigation underway. Karma is out to get her! I have contacted my bank and they are issuing a refund. I hope this information finds it to all that have been scammed.

  6. THis is just crazy! I feel so bad for all of you that were taken advantage off… i am an etsy seller and I dont understand how someone can do something likes this. Most of her brides had come to me asking for a similar set.. If you ladies are still looking for some look me up on etsy BabyGiggles Creations!

  7. oh my word!!! I was soooo gracious each time I received an email saying that there was some emergency, delay, etc… and then the family tragedy of course! I waited, and waited, and waited…. I made my purchase in late December but was willing to wait till the end of May (my wedding is early June) and was repeatedly assured that I WOULD get it by then!!!

    I filed a report with Etsy who basically said, try Paypal because her Etsy account is now closed! But, of course, the 45 days is LONG past! I have emailed her directly with a demand for a refund. I have also emailed Michael Scott (the email address on the Paypal account that was used). Her husband presumably?? Unless he died (was that the tragedy? was it even true??)?? But still, I have sent an email demand to that address. I have also sent a request for money to that account on Paypal.

    I will also file a fraud report with my bank because I want my 58 dollars back!!! Good grief, all the money we are dropping on a wedding and I need to get taken for more?? I don’t think so!

    I will contact the police there as well but, frankly, I just want my MONEY!

    • Sorry to hear about your experience. The police said if you want you can file a civil case against this person to get restitution too…if the bank thing doesn’t work out. Good luck! They said they would talk to this person and the police are familiar with her…so I think this may have been going on for some time now.

      • I spoke to a woman on the weddingbee boards who actually recieved her hoodie… It was late and not what she was expecting… The jacket was oversized and baggy not a pretty fitted woman’s outfit at all… She was displeased to say the least about the product… But atleast now I know some of us did atleast get our merchandise

      • Oh wow, that really upset me. Guess we are all better off without the product. Check out Monica’s previous post – she’s making these hoodies and getting them out for brides that need them!

  8. I’m curious as to what stories everyone got. I have seen a few different ones–including a death in the family, email hacking, tornado–all sorts of different things, but none of it adds up. This looks more like someone who just got in over her head and gave up.

    • I think the death in the family is the main one she used. She told me her husband died on Valentine’s Day – a horrible thing if it’s true. I will say that she changed her shop name, listed new items and had her shopped opened & closed multiple times after Valentine’s Day. These actions led me to believe that it was a lie. She didn’t tell me her husband passed until I opened a case with Etsy. If he had passed you would think she would be proactive and tell customers…not wait until they opened a case. I think she’s just a professional scammer and knows that brides would be more sensitive to her story. If we were buying dog products, she might have told us her dog died…whatever she had to say to buy enough time to scam a few more people before being shut down.

  9. Not a Scam! Just wanting to share with you that I personally know Angela and she is not a scam-artist! She has been devasted by some very life-changing evetnts. She truly did have a death in the family and then on Valentine’s Day her life as she knew it was shattered by some very difficult circumstances. While it is very understandable that this has been an undesireable experience for you and no one can blame customers from being upset. This was not part of a scheme….it was a life event that none of us would want to have to experience. This has been an extremely painful time for her and so much has been out of her control. Angela has produced beautiful products and has had very satisfied customers over the years! As we speak I know that she is trying faithfully to resolve issues and make right with her customers, as she is able. Unfortunately, none of us know what tomorrow with bring and life can change the course our life in a split second. I hopeful that this will help in some small way to bring some explaination to this difficult situation for all.

    • I disagree. She handled things so poorly that it was obviously a scam. If she had a death and couldn’t fulfill orders she should have refunded people’s money immediately. She should have told people prior to them opening a complaint about the death. She shouldn’t have spent time changing her shop name, look and listing more items. You’re story doesn’t add up…and I bet that you are her, not a friend. Sorry but this is not the full truth, otherwise things would have been done a lot differently. If she wants to make things right and send me my hoodie set, let me know….maybe then people will believe the story. Or better yet, post a link to the obituary of Mike Scott.

      • As a friend of Angela, I did explain the real truth in my above response. she truely has been through a very devastating time in her life. In your post about yourself, you state you believe in acceptance and that love conquers all. I agree that it has been a difficult situation for all parties and I know she will continue to work to get this resolved. While it is so unfortunate that you were negatively impacted by this… is a time where we can show some human compassion for others that are suffering. The situation is far more complicated than you are aware and her world was shattered. Life can be very difficult and at times…out of our control. In retrospect there could have been a better way for this to have been handled but at the time in a state of shock….it was not that easy. Thank you to all those that are willing to hear the truth….and are willing to show love & compassion. I will,prayed that all can be resolved soon.

    • There have been so many stories to come out of this whole situation. And it all changes, and none of it adds up. Not to mention that the negatives started months and months ago. You say here that there was a death in the family, then her life changed due to “difficult circumstances” on Valentine’s Day? She told people that her husband died on V-Day–that is not just difficult circumstances. So the story has changed yet again. Even the way you word things here contradict what has been told to a lot of people. There were so many negatives that got changed to positives when people would finally give up from not getting any reply to emails, when she would finally reply and offer to replace or refund. I wonder if she required the change in feedback before she’d redo the things–be interesting to know if those things ever got replaced after people trusted her again. I don’t think it started out as a scam at all, since it looked like she had a good shop for quite a while, and maybe bad things did happen. But it really looks like someone just got in over their head, and gave up. She should have taken down all her listings until she could get caught up, and get her head back in the right place before taking so many peoples money and giving them nothing in return.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I was very compassionate and understanding for a long while, so long it is too late to get a refund from PayPal, the bank, and she is no where to be found. I order back in dec 2011, still no product or my $ back. I understand people have devasting circumstances happen but how could you morally feel right about basically selling our $.

    • Well, if this is true, then please tell her to start sending the ordered products to all of us customers that lost $$$. I am out $108 for the outfit that never even justified a comment back. Shit happens to all of us, I am sorry for her problems, but I don’t think we should all have to pay for that.

  10. Hi everyone,

    I have also been a victim of this scam. If Angela’s husband had died on Valentine’s Day then why was she still taking orders in April if she was having a “hard time”. I had originally messaged her in the beginning of April, when her shop stated that she was on vacation to see if it would be possible to get a hoodie for the second week in June. I then ordered the hoodie specifically stating I needed it before the second weekend in June. I have yet to receive the hoodie or even a tracking number stating the hoodie has shipped. So I went online to contact her since there is no way the hoodie will arrive before this coming weekend. I found that her shop had been shut down and her user profile deleted. I did a little digging and found this post and was extremely upset that someone would scam people like this.

    This story of a death makes absolutely no sense to me. If it were true then the money should have been refunded and orders should have not been taken past this tragic event. Why would someone keep people’s money and not make an item if they were an honest person who is not trying to scam people? The more I think about it the more it seems like a scam. It is much too convenient to state that something will arrive in 8 weeks, which is well after the 45 day PayPal dispute period.

    As on FYI to people who have been scammed by this woman, I called PayPal and they may be able to open a dispute for you even though it is after the 45 day period. Otherwise I would contact your credit card company.

    • I couldn’t agree more. If the story is true then refund people’s money and do the right thing….I ordered in March weeks after this supposed death. I watched her shop like a hawk and it went through a whole transition in this time. She had time to list new items, change her shop name and continue collecting money….and we’re supposed to believe she was grieving! Give me a break. I hope the police do something about this fraudulent person!

    • Keep in mind, that there are many reputable vendors on Etsy who do have a time frame like that. I know a lot of vendors who sell custom items, and they are done after the order is placed, and are often added on to a long line of orders already on hand. Eight weeks does tend to be one of the longer time frames, but depending on how busy someone is (which can be both on Etsy and on other selling venues combined), it can be perfectly reasonable to expect that it could take that long or longer. Even answering emails can take a few days, simply because some are so busy. Feedback is the best indicator, and if a shop has been open for any length of time, you will be able to see if there is a good or bad trend in their customer service.

  11. My fiance’ purchased a new bride sweatshirt from her as my Valentine’s gift… a beautiful $80.00 gift that I was SO excited to have for our honeymoon. My gift never arrived. Shop closed. No communication at all.

    While my heart breaks for her and her devastating circumstances, if it is indeed true – it doesn’t take long to send a mass email to all of your clients on bcc who have paid for your services in good faith explaining the circumstances and asking for patience…or have someone you trust do it for you if you aren’t capable while you’re dealing/grieving.

    Instead, we were robbed – of both the money that was spent, and the product we were so looking forward to receiving. Instead of respecting her clients – she disappeared and closed up shop — in turn, scamming a lot of people.

    So while I would never wish any family tragedy – we all deserve the common decency of either the refunds that are owed to us – or the products that we paid for. Regardless of what is going on in her personal life.

  12. Quick Update — I emailed the Police Department per your suggestion and just got the following response from the Chief. 😦

    “The Pope County Attorney has reviewed this incident and is declining to prosecute Ms. Angela Scott. He advises anyone who may have lost money as a result of Ms. Scott’s actions can still pursue her civilly(civil court) I suggest you use the white pages or google her and send her a demand for product or return your money and then pursue this in civil court.

    Thank you for contacting me regarding this issue.
    Chief Jim Minion”

  13. I’m in the same boat. My fiance, now husband, ordered me the personalized bathrobe for my birthday so it could then be used for our wedding in early June. Never got any communication from her and I’ve been googling her every once in a while and ran across this post. I don’t know that I believe it was a scam early on–she had way too many positive reviews for that to be the case initially, which is why I asked for the robe from her shop on Etsy (a decision I and my husband now obviously regret).

    I have found her physical mailing address ( through her trademark application and previously wrote a letter to her. I have also opened a BBB case against her. Unfortunately, civil claims courts cost money unless you can get someone to serve papers directly (I don’t know anyone in Starbuck, MN), so I doubt I’m ever getting our $48.90 back from her.

    Thankfully I have a friend through my church who does machine embroidery as well, so she embroidered a robe I purchased.

  14. I think the “friend” commenting was Ms. Angela herself. Maybe the friend could also explain why she was still taking orders in April??? Or maybe the friend could have Ms. Angela reply to all of us curious folk right here to defend herself.

  15. I was scammed by this person as well!! I ordered a bridal hoodie for my cousins bridal shower. She assured me i would have the hoodie by june 2nd prior to me placing the order. June 2nd was here and gone, Sent numerous emails…and she never responded. Never got my money back due to it being past 40 days with PayPal!

  16. I am the owner of Angela Mae aka angelamaedesigns. I sell custom children clothing. Recently, I have been getting inquiries about wedding clothing. Obviously, I don’t sell them. I googled it today and see the problem…in the blog you mention Angela Scott’s company as Angela Mae designs but hers does not have the S on the end of designs. I would hate for people to associate me with this fraudulent company.

  17. I’m thinking that she will not last long this time–She now has three negatives in a row, and before that she already had three feedbacks left that, while positive, say that there were “mail issues” with their orders. Sounds familiar!

  18. Ugh… This makes me sick. To take advantage of brides like this is a real crime. I ordered my set on Oct 25th.. I sent 6 messages wanting an update sine my wedding is Dec 1st. Nothing…. crickets….. If she is having a hard time, that is still no excuse to not refund money, respond to people whom have purchased from you… Or perhaps LEAVE YOUR STORE OPEN???

    I was so excited when I ordered this to wear on the plane to Costa Rica. Ive had a dispute before with another vendor and etsy refunded my money in about a 3 week time frame.

    I will also reach out to PayPal and see what I can do… I spent 130 bucks on this and feel like I, as well as all the other brides, deserve some justice.

    Etsy needs to disable her store.

  19. Mid July 2013 she opened her shop as HeLovesMae on Etsy,from Underwood, MN, (she used to be listed as Starbuck, MN) using the name Mae Weber ( she used to use Angela Mae & Angela Mae Scott) claiming she was a male to further disguise herself. Now I see the shop has again changed the name to simply, Weber. Beware all, and maybe Etsy will investigate & shut her down again if everyone lets them know who she is.

  20. Something brought this back to mind today, so I checked back in here to see if there was anything knew. I didn’t know about the helovesmae etsy shop–looks like it is no longer a shop and is just a buyer account. However, please note that she is now on Ebay under the helovesmae name.

    This shop looks bad for all online vendors/artists.

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