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I'm simple. I like honest people. I want people to learn that love conquers all. Acceptance is beautiful and greatly needed today. I want to change the world. I want to show everyone how be more accepting and free.


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Creation is the best gift we can give to the world – and the best way to make money I believe


In life, we are creators. We have been given amazing tools that enable us to create. Our mind being the most powerful one.
I think that when it comes to business, creation is also the best way to be profitable. I’ve learned that trying to make money by riding off someone else’s creation isn’t as fulfilling as making money from your own creation. Recently my fiancé got me very into creating stencil art. It’s one of the most fulfilling activities I’ve done in a long time.  Mostly because I’m good at it!

I’m excited to see where this new creativity takes me. I can see that the rest of the world loves something new, different, something interesting.  I want to be the one to give it to them. I want to create.

I can’t wait to make more stickers and canvas art.  I’m amazed at my ability.


Find what you like and pursue it. Don’t be afraid. Don’t ever hold yourself back.  You were born a creator….you just have to find out what you’re good at making.

I look forward to posting more art for you all to enjoy in my Etsy shop. If you’d like a custom piece done – don’t hesitate to contact us.

I want to create for you!


SCAM ALERT : Angela Scott aka AngelaMaeDesign aka MichaelAngela


Have you been a victim of this seller on Etsy?  They were selling custom made bridal outfits and have recently had their shop closed.  Many brides were a victim of this scam. The seller sold beautiful custom clothing sets that could be custom embroidered with your new name or other bridal information.   They were beautiful and all over pintrest. I unfortunately got sucked into this seller’s scam like others.

When their shop was open it stated that orders could take up to 8 weeks to complete.  If you have a problem with a paypal transaction you must file a case within 45 days, so guess what, once those 8 weeks are up and you still don’t have your item…you’ve also lost your right to get a refund through paypal’s dispute resolution. This is the scam that this seller relies on. They also target brides knowing we are more sensitive and willing to wait for something so beautiful.

I know many people might have been a victim so I wanted to share where to file a police report if you have been victimized by this person.

Please contact the Starbuck police department in Minnesota at

They are extremely helpful and will help you proceed with prosecuting this seller for theft. They say they are aware of the seller so I think this may have been going on for some time. Don’t delay, send in your report now.  This person needs to be prosecuted and we can make that happen.  I’d post more personal information but feel it isn’t appropriate.  If you go to your order page you can still link to the sellers feedback where other buyers are posting helpful information such as the seller’s phone number.

Good luck and please let me know if you need any help or information.   I hope this stops others from buying from any seller under these aliases as they are likely the same person.

UPDATE 11/9/2012 – Angela Mae is back to her old tricks. She has a new shop under the name ScandinavianBleu. It has now been shut down by Etsy.

UPDATE 7/29/13 – Another resurface. She’s now going by HeLovesMae.  New shop is located here under name HeLovesMae:

Things Buyers don’t Realize


Running your own business is tough! It’s been over a year now for me and I’ve found that running your own business can be stressful.  One has to be careful not to let the stress get to them. After all this is all just material stuff and doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. 

So, while I seem very kind and understanding in my messages with buyers, there are some things you may not know.  I wish more buyers knew the following when communicating with me. My work is not as easy as you think it is:

1 – I work really hard. I mean REALLY hard. My business is run by me, that’s it. I maintain over 700 items at a time on two different sites, sometimes nearing almost 800-900.  I get at least 20 messages a day from customers and I respond to everyone within 24 hours. I take pictures, I list, I ship and I do all my own accounting, purchasing, drop-off….the work never stops.  I work 7 days a week and haven’t had a vacation since I started my business.

2 – I do this because it makes people happy.  I find joy in the work I do. I shop on the sites I sell on so I understand the meaning of finding an awesome score online. I want you to have the same experience I’d want for myself. 

3 – When I make a mistake, that’s what it is, a mistake. I didn’t intend to send you the wrong item. I sincerely missed the tiny hole in the seam…You don’t have to ream me out for it. Believe me, I’m mad at myself enough.  Kindness begets kindness.

4 – I’m not making THAT MUCH money.  Though my customers may think otherwise, I’m making significantly less than I could be making at a job working for someone else. After taxes, expenses and returns….I’m barely making enough to get by.

5 – I’ll be nice to you all day long, because I have to.  Ebay has made it so that it is basically impossible for a seller to stand up for themselves anymore unless it’s obvious fraud.  If the buyer doesn’t read a listing, look at pictures or pay for his product there isn’t much that they loose. However, if I don’t grant you that refund because you simply don’t like something then I could loose my discounts, top rated status and even the ability to sell on Ebay.   If you’re mean to me because I won’t accept a return after you’ve had something for over 2 months, I really can’t retaliate much. I’m nice to you because my livelihood depends on it, not because I think you are right. Of course if I make a mistake, my apologies are sincere…because I do have integrity and fess up when I make a mistake.  But most of the time, there are a lot of things I want to say that I hold my tongue on simply because it affects my feedback.

5 – It hurts me when you are mean and say hurtful things.  You don’t have to threaten me, you don’t have to call me names. Everyone is an adult and business is business. Material possessions shouldn’t ignite as much anger as they do in people.  I remember the mean people and I make sure that I block them from buying from me – I don’t want you in my shop if you’re going to degrade me.


I know this is really candid.  I think it needs to be to get the clarity across. 


Please treat your sellers with respect and kindness. You would do the same to any large department store.

Ebay is Rocking this Year!



Sales are doing amazing on Ebay this year! I think the markets are finally picking up.  I hope you’re having as much success with your sales too so far this year!

If you haven’t begun selling on Ebay, don’t forget that you get 50 FREE LISTINGS every month! This means no fees to list at any price for the first 50 items every month.  You can’t have a store subscription for the promotion so it doesn’t apply to me.  However, it is great for people that want to sell just a few items each month to clear the house out. With the 50 free listings you can start at the price you want and if the item doesn’t sell you don’t pay.  You really can’t loose!  If it does then you just pay the final fees for Ebay.  It’s an awesome way to test the market too to see if Ebay works for you.

One great strategy I’ve discovered recently if you want to sell more than 50 items a month is to start a listing at the lowest price possible. This is especially useful on high dollar items like Coach, Michael Kors, Urban Outfitters and such that are in high demand but also have high competition. By starting you’re price at say $0.99 with free shipping you’ll ensure you go to the top of lists when someone searches for the lowest price.  The customers help you get the market value so usually the prices end up higher or the same as they would if you started them on the high side. Starting listings at an unbelievably low price is a great way to get exposure, push prices up and the best part is that the strategy works!

I hope these two tips have helped you with your sales this week! I’ll be back to share more tips next week.  Good Luck & Happy Selling!

Hooray! Another Milestone


I can’t help but share that my Ebay store has now reached Top Rated Seller status! I’ve worked really hard all year trying to bring my numbers up to meet the standards.  It’s been hard since they have been so difficult to meet and almost unrealistic.  Two unhappy buyers out of over 1000 was keeping me out of this level. Ebay decided to make the standards a little more realistic and now I’m a Top Rated Seller on Ebay!

Thank you to all our wonderful customers that keep the shop going. It’s been over a year and business is thriving! Thank you to all my friends that brought me consignment to sell! Thank you to everyone that has believed in me! 2012 will be even better than 2011!

Keep your spirits high people – amazing things will happen when you do!