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Hooray! Another Milestone


I can’t help but share that my Ebay store has now reached Top Rated Seller status! I’ve worked really hard all year trying to bring my numbers up to meet the standards.  It’s been hard since they have been so difficult to meet and almost unrealistic.  Two unhappy buyers out of over 1000 was keeping me out of this level. Ebay decided to make the standards a little more realistic and now I’m a Top Rated Seller on Ebay!

Thank you to all our wonderful customers that keep the shop going. It’s been over a year and business is thriving! Thank you to all my friends that brought me consignment to sell! Thank you to everyone that has believed in me! 2012 will be even better than 2011!

Keep your spirits high people – amazing things will happen when you do!


Calling All Resalers with too much Clothing!


Hey Ladies!

I’ll be looking for inventory for the year pretty soon – if you have tons of designer clothing in excellent condition but don’t have the time to deal with it – write to me!  I’d love to set up a wholesale purchase of anything you’re looking to shed.  This is especially for those that sell other products and don’t specialize in clothing, make some extra cash with those items you’re too busy to sell.

I love buying wardrobe cleanouts, purses, jewelry and anything girly or pretty.  Brand new makeup is also something I’d love to purchase. If you’re in Houston I’ll come to you – it’s that easy!

Prices usually range from $1-3 an item depending on what you have. I love buying lots of 20-100 items.

Feel free to message me at my Etsy/Facebook/Ebay or whatever page you prefer.  Our links are below:

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/HippieChickFinds?ref=si_shop

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hippie-Chick-Finds/207904745887252

Ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/Seductress-Beauty-and-Fashion

This offer will be open all year so if you see it anytime in 2012 I should be buying.

Happy New Year all!

This holiday season do your shopping on Ebay/Etsy


We’ve heard a lot this year about recessions, people struggling to make ends meet and large corporations taking advantage of consumers. We all want to do something about this, to help one another recover from this difficult economy we are living in.

I think the best way to help one another is to do our holiday shopping on sites like Ebay and Etsy.  We know that supporting large corporations is not helping the economy to recover. They put the money into the hands of their investors who likely will not put it back into the economy very quickly. The rich do not get rich by spending their money and if they do spend, they are more likely to support large businesses.  The middle and lower classes however are those who need help the most. They are the bulk of sellers on sites like Ebay and Etsy.

Etsy is a fantastic resource for finding vintage and handmade goods.  Vintage goods are usually of a higher quality than goods purchased today. They are also more unique and more appreciated by recipients.  Handmade items usually have the same high quality that vintage items do.  Everything I have purchased on Etsy has been of exceptional quality.  I am always impressed by people’s ability to make something more lasting than a large company can (though why would the large company want you to have something that lasts).  What else  is fun about Etsy is that many items are customizable to your recipient.  You can add monograms, messages and so much more to make it special for that person.  Another fantastic thing about Etsy sellers is that many of them make their products with little to no impact on the environment.   They are conscious and Eco-friendly. We cannot say this about large factories producing in bulk.

Ebay is a wonderful resource for finding items that are cheap, discontinued or even large lots of items that are able to be split among many people.  You would be amazed to find that items can generally be purchased for less the price on Ebay than you would find at the store they are usually sold in.  Ebayers are held to a high standard by Ebay.  We are not allowed to take advantage of buyers and there are great protections in place for your purchases.  Usually shipping is less than at a large company’s online store and many times it’s free.  It is easier to shop because you can shop on your time eliminating lines you might have stood in and the extra gas you would have spent going out.  Another wonderful thing about Ebay sellers is that many give their profits to charitable organizations so you can make a large impact just by shopping with them.

This holiday season I hope you join me in supporting each other.  pledge to support local and independent sellers, artisans, designers and crafters.  I believe that this is one step we can all take to improve our situation.

Please share you comments and ideas so we can better understand how this helps our nation in a big way.

Resale Heaven


There is a place that we all want to visit ~ where prices are cheap and there is no limit

There is a land for us all ~ value is priced fairly and you never have to make a call

Many say eBay, others write etsy and for some the amazon giant if you may

Resale is this magical land that I refer to ~ it’s a place of magic, of wonder and new

You’ll be amazed by the things you find, by the value that items have after they are left behind

Won’t you join me in the crusade to recycle our earth? Can you try, if just once, to wear something that hasn’t just been birthed?

Open your heart to resale, cut out the retail

Ebay ~ What have you sold/bought lately?

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I absolutely love Ebay!  I’ve been an Ebay seller for the past 6 years and have loved it so much. I started selling stuff around my house, mostly cds.  I then found out that there is a huge market on Ebay with so much potential. So, from there I grew my business. I now focus on clothing and beauty products.  It’s been an amazing journey.

If you haven’t tried selling on Ebay I think  you should. If you don’t have time for it, find an Ebay seller in your area that could do consignment selling for you.  A lot of my business focuses on helping other people sell their stuff too.  Many people don’t have the time, energy or ability to sell for themselves so there is a large opportunity to help these people sell without them having to put much effort into it.  You just have to be careful, expectations are tricky and you want to be experienced as a seller before helping someone else sell their stuff. Ebay is a tricky market, you gotta know how to play the market to get the largest profit.

If you want to try selling for yourself, electronics are a great place to start.  Also anything that worth $50-100 is good to sell so you can set up trust with your buyers. It’s also easier for expectations to be met when the item is of a higher value, a very weird rule that plays out on Ebay.  I guess people looking for bargains are more likely to complain.

When you do try listing, there are things you need to keep in mind:

1 – The buyer is #1 on Ebay, they always are. Ebay wants to keep the buyers happy, and you should strive for that too. If you made a mistake, own up to it. The buyer will understand and you’ll be surprised how nice some will be about a problem.  Always strive for constant and quick communication!

2 – Pictures and item descriptions are everything! More information is better than none.  Provide every bit of information you can, but also try to excite the buyer.  Your words make the sell, the pictures show the item.  Make it so people can imagine what the item will look like in their home or around their neck.  If they can envision the product as part of them, they are more likely to buy.

3 – Ship fast and ship cheap! Buyers know what shipping costs, online buyers are much more savvy than they used to be.  Specify exact or close to exact shipping costs when listing.  Ebay provides incentives if you offer free shipping, but I don’t know how cost-effective it is, that depends on what you’re selling.  Ship within 2 days of receiving payment, if not the next day. Buyers are sure to be excited by your speed and quality of service.

4 – Don’t get discouraged. It took me 6 years to build my Ebay store and I’m still learning.  It’s an ever-changing market with many things you can’t plan for.  Stay on your course and you’ll see awesome results though. Once you have built up your reputation, the sales will increase as will the prices.

I hope that helps!  Please feel free to share your experience and comments about Ebay.  It’s my life and I invite you into it!