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Tips for improving your customer’s experience this holiday season

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The holidays are a great time to really shine with customer service.  Online selling is a demanding job so you want to stay on your toes when interacting with customers.  Here are some things that will really make you shine and keep customers coming back.


  • Gift wrap items in tissue paper and add a ribbon. This really makes a package sparkle. It helps a customer see that you cared enough about their item to take special time wrapping it. Tissue paper is available fairly cheaply if you go to the 99 cent stores or places like that.  Also, if they were going to give the item as a gift you already saved them a step by wrapping it.
  • Send a free extra for large purchases or those over $50.  People love to get something for free.  By including something extra you’ll show the customers that you really appreciate them.  They will remember your shop and definitely be back to buy more.
  • Ship the same or next business day payment clears.  People hate to wait for their purchases. By shipping the same or next business day you can cut down the shipping time and make sure customers get their items in the time frame they think is reasonable. That frame is smaller than it was a year ago!
  • Always be friendly.  I can’t stress this point enough. You will deal with mean or unfair buyers, I promise this. But, by not falling into their emotional trap you can stay calm and take care of business. They will be much more responsive to you and if anything goes wrong, much more willing to work out problems.


I hope these tips help your profits this holiday season. I try to practice them in all seasons. The holidays are a good time to focus on building up these incentives for your customers. Feel free to share any tips you may have in the comments below.